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Schaffer & Partner

The Prague office of Schaffer & Partner has been active on the Czech market since 1997 and is as one of the few international offices in the Czech Republic offering a variety of services comprising tax, legal and auditing services.

Our Prague office renders services in Czech, Slovak, German and English.

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Introduction of the company: 

“MY Taxes” Project

Thursday, 23. June 2016 - 13:39
“MY Taxes” Project, a new vision of the Ministry of Finance, is a new scheme aiming at simplification of the Czech  tax system, specifically the income tax, which will be possible to be adjusted by...

Slander to be Punishable by Law

Tuesday, 21. June 2016 - 11:00
On 24 May, 2016, an amendment act on criminal liability of legal entities became effective; it brings about a novel understanding of the whole concept in the fact that firms will be possible to be...

Running for children

Friday, 17. June 2016 - 16:14
On Sunday, 8 May 2016, four of our colleagues – Richard Gryga, Tomáš Krůl, Filip Tejmar and Jan Vokůrka – took part in the Volkswagen Prague Marathon relay competition. This event is one of the best...

Development of Czech companies in Turkey

Friday, 22. April 2016 - 13:31
The Chairman of the Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce and a partner of our Schaffer & Partner, Mr Aleš Eppinger, gave an interview to Hospodářské noviny about the development of Czech...

Contribution to magazine Rekodifikace & Praxe

Tuesday, 15. December 2015 - 13:44
The Rekodifixace & Praxe magazine, issued on 25 October, featured an article called Aspects and Conditions of Running Business Through a Branch Office", written by a lawyer, Mgr Tamas Fabian.The...

The rules for determining the place of supply for selected services from 1. 1. 2015

Friday, 28. August 2015 - 5:14
The rules for determining the place of supply for selected services have been changed from the year 2015. These are telecommunications services, broadcasting and electronic services. Providers from...

Schaffer news 062016

Monday, 20. June 2016 - 14:54

Window Abroad

Monday, 20. June 2016 - 8:57
In today’s Window Abroad we would like to introduce to you another British law firm, Mirkwood Evans Vincent, Solicitors. It is a leading British law firm based in London, whose solicitors are highly...

Notes to financial statements – events after the balance sheet date

Monday, 20. June 2016 - 8:30
Most companies are now working on the financial statements for the accounting period of the calendar year 2015, so they don’t have to deal with the changes in Act No. 563/1991 Col., on accounting, as...

Holding a child’s hand at the pedestrian crossing is not required, but ...

Tuesday, 14. June 2016 - 15:05
Ruling of the Constitutional Court of 15 December 2015, File Ref. No.: I. ÚS 1587/15 In its ruling, the Constitutional Court dealt with the accident in which two little girls, accompanied by...

Judgement of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic of 15 March 2016, Ref. No. 2 Afs 153/2014 – 71

Friday, 10. June 2016 - 14:25
What is decisive to determine the property tax rate is not the purpose of use of the building specified in the building permit or, as the case may be, in the occupancy approval, but its actual use....

Proving the entitlement to VAT deduction and the risk of "carousel frauds"

Friday, 15. April 2016 - 11:33
Ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of 22 October 2015, file no. 7 Afs 237/2015 - 33The tax proceedings are governed by the principle that the taxpayer is obliged to report the tax in a tax...

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