Debtor registers finally regulated by law!

8. 1. 2016

On 1 February 2016, the amendment to the Consumer Protection Act which regulates the activity of information databases concerning the solvency and credibility of consumers (called debtor registers) will enter into force. Among other things, the legislation specifically provides that the mutual exchange of information and processing of personal data in the register does not require the consent of the consumer.This change of legislation removes the existing deficiency resulting from the fact that an entrepreneur entering data in debtor registers often required prior consent to data processing, which could be withdrawn by the consumer at any time, and the data was then deleted in the register. Consumers' due obligations can now be always recorded in registers. Unless the consumer shows their disapproval, the register can also record undue or even potential obligations of the consumer. Data can also be recorded in the debtor register despite the duty of confidentiality. Therefore, debtor registers can better serve their purpose.

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