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21. 2. 2017

As the USA is one of the key business partners of the Czech Republic, it comes as no surprise that many successful Czech entrepreneurs are pondering expanding to the US market. One of the first important steps in such a case is a selection of an appropriate form of representation there; obviously, it is highly recommendable to discuss the issue with a specialist, who would be able to provide the client with valuable advice based on an analysis of their individual needs (not only with regard to the complexity and diversity of the US legal system). That is why we would like to introduce you to Harrison Law, PLLC (, a legal office which we co-operate with within IR Global and which we have confidence in so that we can recommend it to our clients entering the US market.

Harrison Law, PLLC, specialises in providing advisory services in commercial and corporate law, construction law and business related areas. By way of introduction, we would like to recommend an article written by the founder of the office, Mr Matthew Harrison, focusing on five things that are to be considered when starting a new business. As this piece of work is a truly universal one, making use of the advice contained in it need not necessarily be limited for the US market only. The English version of the article may be found at


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