Legal services

The Schaffer & Partner legal department (S&P Legal) offers clients legal assistance in all areas apart from family and criminal law (within the framework of criminal law we represent clients as damaged parties, and we are also ready to file a criminal complaint if there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed). The company specializes in corporate and contract law, labor law and real estate and property law. On the other hand, we do not specialize in debt recovery, but if our client needs help with asserting his rights in court or recovering his claim in the context of enforcement (including the recovery of foreign judgments), we are of course ready to provide service of the highest quality. Most often in the area of litigation we represent clients with specific claims - including claims arising under foreign law.

As a member of the CBBL (Cross Border Business Lawyers), IRL (International Law Referral) and Wiras, international networks of law offices, S&P Legal is closely connected to law offices throughout the world and uses this wealth of experience to offer its clients expert assistance with a global outlook.

The many years of expertise and the professionalism of our colleagues guarantees not only an individual professional approach to handling every case, but also the insight and feeling for individual solutions. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to each client and to solving their cases - small and large. In addition to Czech, we also provide advice in German and English.

What we can help you with:

Contact persons

Need help?

We are here for you and we will be glad to advise you based on more detailed information and documentation. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a non-binding consultation meeting.

We give clear answers

In our communication with clients, we do not hide behind long quotations of laws, but give a clear and understandable answer.

We're thinking with you

We always solve a specific problem with respect to the overall needs of the client; we do not take our recommendations out of context.