Legal services

The Schaffer & Partner legal department (S&P Legal) offers clients legal assistance in all areas apart from family and criminal law. The company specialises in commercial and contract law, labour law and property law.

As a member of the CBBL (Cross Border Business Lawyers), IRL (International Law Referral) and Wiras, international networks of law offices, S&P is closely connected to law offices throughout the world and uses this experience to offer its clients expert assistance with a global outlook.

The many years of experience and the professionalism of our attorneys-at-law make sure that we adopt a professional approach to handling every case, have the required overview and sense that an individual solution is required. This and our individual approach are among the most highly-valued attributes of the legal department in relation to clients and the handling of their cases.

Key services offered by the legal department:

If you are interested in more information, to arrange a non-binding consultation, please contact us at +420 221 506 300, email or via the contact form titled "Contact Us".