Our philosophy

We keep our word

You can rely on us, whether it is about the agreed-upon contents of a legal opinion, the deadline for a delivery or even the unspoken expectations of our clients.

We will not overwhelm you with legalese

We understand that most of our clients are not tax or legal experts. Our answers are clear and understandable for regular people – without losing any of our expertise or accuracy.

We give answers you can understand

We never hide behind long quotations from the law when communicating with our clients – you will always receive a clear and understandable answer to your question or a clear recommendation, if needed.

We think along with you

We see the broader context. Our solution to your problem will always take into account your overall needs. Our recommendations are never taken out of the context of our client's business needs.

Quality is in the details

There are many tax or legal consultants who can fill out your tax return or draft you a purchase agreement. We believe in providing full services, which means thinking through every detail along with you and on your behalf that could have an effect on your situation. You will not get a simple copy-and-paste job from us – we will go step by step to find the best option for you within the existing legislation. A solution made just for you – down to the last detail.

We find answers, not problems

If we tell you that something will not work (from a tax, legal or accounting perspective), we suggest a way to resolve the problem right away. We never stop with simply stating there is a problem – we always find you a constructive answer.

Support for your business

We are in business ourselves, so we understand our clients' needs very clearly.

We know that time is money

Our ALL-IN-ONE plan saves you a great deal of time, since we do not bother you with information that we can share across departments.

Comprehensive "ALL-IN-ONE" services

Every contract you conclude has legal and tax implications, as well as impacting the data in your financial statement. Our office thinks through all these aspects and the contractual documentation we prepare for our clients involves a comprehensive view from every angle.