Aleš Eppinger captivated investors with his presentation at China Enterprises Going Global Risk Conference in China


On 20 and 21 March 2018, Aleš Eppinger, an attorney-at-law and a founding partner of Schaffer & Partner Legal, gave his lecture at China Enterprises Going Global Risk Conference in Chinese city of Zhuhai, which was attended by approximately 100 representatives of governments of various countries and at which around 2,000 companies made their introductions. The event was aired live on China Central Television (CCTV, a state television broadcaster) and was organized by a business platform titled Jiang Tai Global Assistance Alliance which cooperates with international Chinese companies in the area of risk management and insurance of cross-border business transactions. Many questions regarding the security of Chinese investments abroad were raised.

In his presentation on multilevel financing of direct Chinese investments, Mr. Eppinger focused on advising the Chinese investors how to be successful in entering the European market and what types of investments seem to be the most suitable ones. A short video of the presentation may be viewed HERE.

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