Support for foreign trade

Support for foreign trade - Schaffer & Partner Consulting s.r.o.

Among its various activities, foreign trade department is involved in supporting international trade with the Russian Federation, the countries of the CIS and Turkey and on the Chinese market. As part of this we offer Czech entrepreneurs a full package of support, meaning not only knowledge of the local environment, culture and business practices but also translations of all contractual documents, accompaniment to meetings and consultation sessions. To this end we opened 2 specialised departments in 2013 – the Russian Desk and the Asian Desk.

Schaffer & Partner Consulting s.r.o. offers a full range of services to foreign investors engaging in business in the Czech Republic and Czech undertakings engaging in business abroad:

  • Full support of Czech undertakings in business relations with foreign undertakings outside the Czech Republic (Russian, Turkish and Asian markets)
  • Dealing with contractual administration work
  • Support in questions of enforceability
  • Registration with authorities
  • Sending employees outside the Czech Republic (all administrative work)
  • Hiring foreign employees (all administrative work)
  • Liability for damage
  • Tax and legal aspects
  • Currency restrictions
  • Penetrating a foreign market
  • Tax optimising (transfer of profit, the invoicing of interest from financing etc.)
  • Full support of foreign undertakings when entering the Czech market
  • Knowledge of the Czech market and all processes
  • Setting up a legal entity and the details involved in this
  • The assurance of key workers (assistance in looking for them, registering them, wage accounting etc.)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal aid
  • Auditing services
  • Other

Contact persons:

Mei Zhou, Head of Asia Desk, phone +420 221 506 300 or email
Aleš Eppinger, Turkish Desk: phone +420 221 506 300 or email
Šárka Linhartová, Russian Desk, phone +420 221 506 300 or email