Commercial (Corporate) Law

  • Establishment and registration of companies
  • Establishment and registration of foreign entity's subsidiaries
  • Comprehensive support in obtaining permissions for business activities (trade license, and other public licenses)
  • Mergers and acquisitions / corporate transformations, including cross-border corporate transactions
  • Joint-ventures, shareholder agreements
  • Protection of business competition
  • Legal and tax restructuring
  • Legal due diligence – pre-transactional, post-transactional, buyer-side, seller-side
  • Legal support for corporate governance
  • Creation of an incentive system for the statutory bodies of companies (option share plan)
  • Contracts between the company and its shareholders (funding, contribution outside the registered capital, the use of community property for business purposes)
  • Contracts between shareholders / stockholders (transfers and lien of business shares and shares)
  • Changes to registered capital
  • Legal support for changes of statutory and others bodies' members (executives, board of directors, supervisory board etc.)
  • Preparation and organization of general meetings
  • Comprehensive agenda (representation) in the matters of Commercial Register (incorporation, changes of registration, deletion in the Commercial Register)
  • Arranging for expert appraisal required by law (especially in terms of concern law)
  • Advisory with respect to economic competition and protection against unfair competition
  • Providing of complete services with respect to dissolution of companies in liquidation, including the execution of the liquidations
  • Monitoring of legislative and judicatory development (according to client's choice in a monthly / bi-annual / annual periodicity)

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