Request for a VAT refund from another member state

29. 7. 2015

Economic entities that are VAT payers can submit a request to the revenue office for a refund of value added tax that they can prove that they have paid in another EU member state. It must be as a result of their economic activity and they have up until the deadline of 30 September 2015 to do so.

Requests can only be made by e-mail. In order to make a request you first of all have to get access to the appropriate electronic app. To do this you have to have a recognised electronic signature or an accessible data box. The actual process of setting up access can take up to 14 days from the time a request is made. So we advise you not to delay.

Our team of tax advisors is ready now to handle this request on your behalf. We can save you valuable time and energy, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.

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