The Control Report – The Absurd of the Year – so far...?

18. 5. 2016

Business opinion poll called The Absurd of the Year, a part of The Firm of the Year and The Trader of the Year competitions, sets itself rather a difficult and thankless task of improvement of the Czech business environment. It is entered into by business public who vote for the most absurd decision of the Government.The Control Report, the proud winner of the Award, gained in popularity mainly thanks to its notorious confusedness which predominantly presents itself by the necessity to deal with handfuls of formal errors, such as registration numbers of tax documents or mismatches between taxable supplies as recorded by suppliers on one hand and recipients on the other. Another aspect, which is a particular favourite with the local businesspeople, is the attitude of the tax authorities officials, who, more than often, require additional (and with the control statement often unrelated) data in extremely tight deadlines and open the procedure to remove doubt without appealing first, which procedure is in dire contradiction with the VAT Act. The omnipresent tinge of premonition that not all steps taken by the state officials are supported by the law are, at least in the opinions of the businesspeople, a bit too tangible...

The fact that the control report was already selected to be the absurdity of 2016 at the beginning of May, a record time of mere two months after its first submission on 25 February, also supports the idea that the local business environment cherishes it dearly...

Of course, one can only wonder whether the control statement will retain the (well deserved, perhaps?) title until the end of the year as there may be more prospective competitors in the race, with the electronic record of sales being one of the hottest ones.

Taking into account the aforementioned information, we are fully aware you, too, may have been confronted with issues connected with the control statement; if this is the case, do not hesitate to turn to our office, and our tax team will be glad to be of assistance.

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