Schaffer & Partner - your real estate expert in the Czech Republic


With our long-standing experience in our region on real estate, we have been a trustworthy advisor for both local and foreign investors. Recently, through our network Cross Border Business Lawyers (CBBL) of which we are a proud member, we participated in a campaign published in Immobiliennanwälte, which is an online magazine on real estate and its financing.

During your investment decision and process, Schaffer & Partner help you with its tailor-made wide range of services. Our legal services would especially cover counseling on property transfer, all related tax obligations, development projects and lease.

As the range of legal issues connected with real estate transaction is very wide, it will be our pleasure to share our extensive experience with coordination of large complex international real estate projects with you.  For further information on our services and how we can help you on your right real estate decisions, please contact us.