Less personal visits to the Ministry of Interior – communication via post or electronic means preferred

1. 4. 2020
Less personal visits to the Ministry of Interior – communication via post or electronic means preferred

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the personal presence of a foreigner at an office of the Ministry of Interior was required for a number of legal acts. In the interest of restricting the movement of persons in official premises, it was now decided that the personal presence of a foreigner will be required only when absolutely necessary, i.e. the collection of biometrical data, issue of a bridging label or handover of a issued residence permit.

As for the other acts that were previously subject to a compulsory personal filing, these may now be executed in writing and sent by the data mailbox or the post.

This concerns especially:

  • Long-term and permanent residence applications:

The Ministry of Interior advises for foreigners to file their applications by post, considering the fact that the administrative fee must be paid by fee stamps.

However, we are of the opinion that an electronical filing of the application would be more practical, so that the foreigner has a clear proof on which documents he has filed. The fees may then be sent by an insured letter.


  • Filing the required application documentation:

It continues to apply that the legally required documentation to the application is to be filed in original or officially verified copy. Thus, this is without change.

However, according to the law, some documents may only be filed in original, especially a passport or registrar certificate (marriage certificate, birth certificate). Such document may now be filed in the form of a simple copy; the original may then be presented during the collection of the biometric data (if required for the respective type of permit), or during the takeover of the residence permit. Thus it is now not necessary to visit the office of the Ministry of Interior solely for purpose of presenting originals of such documents.

  • All appointments for personal questioning and file inspections are cancelled. During the duration of the emergency status, it will not be possible to inspect the case files.

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