IR Global - Virtual conference “Collaborating in a Virtual World”

24. 3. 2021
IR Global - Virtual conference “Collaborating in a Virtual World”

The coronavirus pandemic, which has now been going on for a year, has brought with it more difficulties than we could have ever imagined. This disease has more or less crippled the world and affected all sectors. Social distancing has become standard. Gradually, we have adapted and replaced meeting others in person with virtual meetings. And so, in March, a virtual conference “Collaborating in a Virtual World” is being organised by the IR Global international network with the participation of representatives of various companies in the field of law, taxation, economics, etc. from all around the world.

Schaffer & Partner, represented by Ms. Šárka Gregorová, co-chaired the insolvency law section, which, given the expected development on the market, focuses not only on resolving insolvencies from the perspective of debtors and creditors, but also on connecting with investors who can potentially provide solutions to complex economic situations for distressed companies and help them to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. If you are in such a situation, do not hesitate to contact us – in this case, quick help really is “priceless

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