Amendment to the Sickness Insurance Act

1. 10. 2021
Amendment to the Sickness Insurance Act

In August, the Chamber of Deputies approved an amendment to the Sickness Insurance Act, which is now only awaiting the President’s signature. The amendment especially makes it easier to receive a long-term nursing allowance, as well as a nursing allowance for those who care for their close relatives, and brings longer and more flexible paternity leave.

The aim of the amendment is to expand the possibilities of staying in the home environment also in other cases of long-term care as part of a long-term nursing allowance. It will be possible to apply for a long-term nursing allowance provided that the patient has stayed in an inpatient care facility for at least four calendar days (instead of seven days, which is the case now). The amendment also expands the circle of people who may receive a nursing allowance, i.e. also persons outside the common household. Paternity leave will be extended from one to two weeks and, in addition, the period during which the allowance may be provided if the child had to remain in hospital during the first 6 weeks of life will be extended by the duration of hospitalisation.

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