Tax and Accounting Department

The Schaffer & Partner tax and accounting department offers a comprehensive perspective that evaluates long-term risk, analyses any international aspects of a particular transaction and works in cooperation with our experts at other departments to ensure a holistic appraisal that takes in other areas, such as commercial law or international accounting standards.

Key services offered by Schaffer & Partner Tax and accounting department:

  • Compilation of Tax Statements
  • Tax Planning
  • International Tax Law
  • Tax Audit, Due Diligence
  • Sent Out Employees (expats)
  • Transfer Prices
  • Accountant Services
  • Representation before tax authorities

The following are among the other services provided by the tax and accounting department:

  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Compiling financial statements and annual reports
  • Wage processing and the related administrative work
  • Keeping tax records
  • Compiling corporate reporting
  • Tax planning, optimising corporate structures
  • Tax inspections and audits
  • Providing advice in the sphere of customs proceedings
  • Outsourcing wage accounting
  • The so-called "millionaire's tax"

Contact persons:

Zuzana Hrubá, Partner, Tax Advisor: phone +420 221 506 300 or email
Petr Kchimel, Tax Advisor: phone +420 221 506 300 or email
Ing. Michaela Dvořáková, Tax Advisor: phone +420 221 506 300 or email
Bc. Pavla Tomášková, DiS., Tax Consultant: phone +420 221 506 300 or email