Norimberk - Horst Schaffer

Horst Schaffer

Auditor (D) and Tax advisor (D)

Dr. Horst Schaffer was a founding member of the offi ce of Schaffer & Partner GdbR which was established in 1987. After studying business economics and spending several months in the United States, he worked in a renowned company in Nuremberg providing auditing services and tax advice. In 1985 he became a tax advisor, in 1986 an auditor, and in 1996 received a doctoral degree from the University of Economic Science of Budapest. Dr. Horst Schaffer is also a chairman of a non-profi t foundation and a member of several supervisory boards. In addition to various lectures and senior lecturer's activities, Dr. Horst Schaffer is a juryman of competition for the best business plan in the north of Bavaria and a member of the municipal jury for awarding the Bavaria founding prize. He is also a member of the International Committee of AGN International. He is married and has three adult child ren. In his free time he likes speed by means of skis, mountain bikes, and fast cars.