Immigration Law

Our clients often hire foreigners from third countries and need to secure employment and residence permits for them or the residence of their family members.

An employment or blue card or other permit, including the posting of employees, requires a certain amount of time as well as a specific sequence of steps to have the best chance of success. As there is no legal entitlement to be granted a permit, a mistake in the procedure can easily be grounds for refusal of an application.

Did you know that not only when you first start working in the Czech Republic, but also when you change employers, you need to take certain steps to avoid the risk of administrative expulsion?

In the case of persons in a position of statutory bodies, it may not be necessary to secure a work permit, but there are exceptions. We can advise you when a permit is required.

The employment of foreigners raises a number of specific issues, which we will prepare you for - the penalties for non-compliance can be very significant. Often, even in trivial cases where the employee is an EU national, fines are imposed. This can of course also be avoided by following the correct procedure.

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