Insolvency Law

Has your debtor become insolvent? We will help you to file a creditor's insolvency petition or to file a claim so that it is recognized (in the words of the Insolvency Act "established") and also so that the risk for creditors, which the Insolvency Act provides as a penalty for overstatement of a claim, does not arise.

On the other hand, if you yourself are wondering whether any of the facts that the Insolvency Act associates with insolvency or over-indebtedness and thus possibly the obligation to file an insolvency petition have already occurred, we can advise you. This is because not only a legal but also an accounting assessment is necessary for this question, since one cannot be done without the other.

We will then, of course, guide you through the insolvency proceedings themselves - including, if necessary, taking a position on the creditors' committee and communicating with the insolvency trustee so that your interests (as a creditor) are best protected, and you receive the highest possible satisfaction of your claim.

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