Tax Optimisation

We are able to assist you with the ownership structure on both the local and international levels utilising all the advantages of double taxation convention and advantageous tax rates in the Czech Republic.

Facilitation of Entering the Czech Market:

We are prepared to accompany investors from the moment they enter the local market. If you are planning to acquire shares in a corporation or business firm, we are ready to perform the due diligence for you. With our help, you needn't worry about your investments being endangered by any tax, financial or legal risks. The extent and the scope of the due diligence will be adjusted to specific requirements of the transaction. A complex screening of all the aspects involved (tax, financial, legal) ought to assure the investors that they will not be faced with any unexpected financial, or, for that matter, other, difficulties of which they have not been duly informed. Due diligence assesses all potential substantial risks and their gravity and, in doing so, enables the investors to reflect the findings in their further activities (e.g. talks with the counterparty, price negotiations etc.)