Legislative Framework

Pursuant to the Constitutional Act on National Security, the government declared a new state of emergency in the Czech Republic as of Saturday, 27 February 2021. The state of emergency was originally announce for 30 days, but was subsequently extended till 11 April 2021. The emergency state is currently declared without continous since 5 October 2020.

Restrictions on the entry to the Czech Republic were put into force. All foreigners from countries, which are not on the list of the countries with low risk of incidence of COVID-19, are banned from entering the territory of the Czech Republic, the exemptions being among other citizens from the EU-member countries, visa holders or family members.  

The filing of residence permit applications has been interrupted in diplomatic missions in the countries, which are not countries with low incidence of COVID-19. Exempt from the interruption are e.g. seasonal workers, workers in key sectors and Ukrainian citizens, if their application was filed in Ukraine.  

With the crisis measure of February 26, 2021, the government tightened measures in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Currently (from 01.03.2021) the following special measures apply:

• Prohibition of retail sales and provision of services incl. sale of  children's footwear and clothing (with exception of grocery stores, petrol stations, florists and other listed shops and services);

• restaurants are closed (except for take-away windows, employee's canteens etc.);

• ban on accommodation services;

• restriction of free movement of persons on the territory of the district where the person has been staying since 01.03.2021 (except for going to work, to a doctor and in other listed cases);

• Walking and jogging is allowed only within the same district;

From 01.03.2021, the Ministry of Health ordered the obligation to wear a respirator:

  • in all interiors of buildings;
  • in all other publicly accessible places in the built-up area of the municipality;
  • at all other publicly accessible places also outside the built-up areas of the municipality, if min. 2 people at a distance of less than 2 meters are present.


Within the pandemic state of emergency, the Ministry of Health, regional hygienic stations and the hygienic station of the capital Prague  are authorized to order emergency measures.

Failure to comply with the issued measures is under the Act qualified as an offence, for which it is possible to impose a fine of up to CZK 3,000,000 or even CZK 4,000,000 in the event of repeated violations.

The Pandemic Act will be affective until 28 February, 2022.