The minimum monthly salary from 1 January 2016


As of 1 January, 2016, the basic rate of the minimum monthly wage.It is to rise by CZK 700 from CZK 9,200 to CZK 9,900 with the hourly minimum hourly wage rage rising from CZK 55 to CZK 58.70 for a 40-working-hour week. The situation is similar for persons with disabilities – the minimum monthly wage rises by CZK 1,300 from CZK 8,000 to CZK 9,300 with the minimum hourly wage changing from CZK 48.10 to CZK 55.10 for a 40-working-hour week. What will happen, however, if the salary, wages or pay does not meet the legal requirement for the minimum monthly wage?

In such a case it is the employer's duty to reimburse for the difference regardless of the fact whether an employee's is at fault for the lower performance. This practice applies for employees paid by piecework wage.

The wages/salaries decisive for the difference claim include all wage fulfillments except for wages/salaries for overtime work, holiday work bonus, nightshift bonus, weekend bonus or bonus for work under difficult conditions. Also, work-related fulfilments such as redundancy payments, travel reimbursements and standby duty bonuses are excluded.