New rules for delivery of documents to employees after the amendment of the Labor Code

2. 9. 2020
New rules for delivery of documents to employees after the amendment of the Labor Code

With the amendment to the Labor Code, the conditions for the delivery of documents to employees have changed. As of 30th of July delivering documents to employees by their employer is much easier.

Although the employer is still primarily obliged to deliver any document in person, if the employee is not available at the workplace, the employer can immediately proceed with the delivery through the postal service provider. At present, it will be sufficient for the employer to deliver to the address provided to him by the employee for these purposes in writing. Therefore, the responsibility for the data being accurate and up-to-date for the proper delivery of the document is now transferred to the employees.

If the employee himself makes it impossible to deliver the document by refusing to take it over or by failing to cooperate in the delivery of the document, the employer is no longer obliged to make a written record that the employee has been informed of the consequences of such action.

Furthermore, in accordance with the offered postal services, the deadline for depositing a document in the event of failure to reach an employee has changed. The deadline is now set to 15 days, not 10 working days, as has been the case so far.

If it is not possible to deliver the document to the employee in person at the workplace, in addition to delivery via the postal service provider, the employer may also deliver the document to the employee via a network or electronic communications service, hand over the document to the employee wherever the employee will be reached or now also via the data mailbox. However, the employer may deliver to the employee via the data mailbox only if the employee has given his written consent to this form of delivery.

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