Replacement of the entry medical examination by a sworn statement

2. 11. 2020
Replacement of the entry medical examination by a sworn statement

On October 16, 2020, the government has in its resolution adopted a crisis measure, which reacts to the obligation of the employers in regard to the obligatory entry medical examinations of the employees and due to the COVID-19 pandemic enables them to be temporarily substituted by an affidavit.

When can the medical examination be substituted?

Pursuant to the issued measure, the entry medical examination can be substituted by an affidavit of an employee, if the person in question:

  • has been employed in the period from October 16, 2020 until the end of the state of emergency and
  • whose agreed type of work is included in the category 1 or 2 (pursuant to the Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on protection of public health and on amendment of some other acts, as amended) and
  • whose type of work does not include an activity for performance of which a special conditions of medical eligibility have been set and
  • has not yet undergone an entry medical examination.

If the person in question is performing an epidemiologically hazardous activity, the affidavit is considered to be a medical certificate issued pursuant to Section 19 Subsec. 2 of Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on protection of public health, as amended.

Such statement is considered to be of same effect as medical fitness assessment of a person applying for an employment pursuant to the Act No. 373/2011 Coll., on specific medical services, as amended.

Moreover, the government as issued a specimen of such affidavit.

Limited validity

The sworn statement has limited validity and is valid no longer than for the period of 90 days after the day following day on which the state of emergency was terminated.

Periodic medical examinations

Furthermore, starting from October 19, 2020, for the duration of the state of emergency, an exemption was introduced regarding the performance of periodic medical examinations – for the duration of this state of emergency, the periodic medical examinations do not need to be provided or performer.

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