Establishment of companies online, electronic registry of certified signatures and Apostille by notaries

5. 10. 2021

Instead of being physically present in the notary office, the applicant can now communicate with a notary via videoconference. The notary will identify the applicant by logging in via the “national point for identification and authentication” (for example, using an e-ID or a bank identity) or will have to find out relevant data from the “basic registers” (population register, register of persons, register of rights and obligations, and register of territorial identification, addresses and real estate – RÚIAN).

Members of the statutory bodies of companies may confirm their authorization in business dealings by having the officially certified signature accompanied with information about the authorisation to represent the company and about the number of members of the statutory body to represent the legal entity in order to bind the company. This will de facto replace the information from the Commercial Register, which the notary can check.

The new law (in addition to increasing the comfort of applicants for notarial services) also aims to prevent false certification clauses. It introduces electronic registration of certified signatures. In the new register of certified signatures, everyone will be able to find out whether the signature of a specific contract is truly officially verified and the contract is therefore valid. This can be done through a QR-Code printed on the document.

In addition, the amendment allows notarial chambers to issue Apostilles from 1 September 2021, so this will significantly simplify and speed up communication and sending documents abroad.

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