Digital Revolution in Czech Public Administration

15. 2. 2024
Digital Revolution in Czech Public Administration

The Digital Information Agency (DIA), in cooperation with other authorities in the Czech Republic, is advancing the digitization of various parts of the public domain. Thus, other parts of the state administration as well as some citizens' documents will be fully digitalized.

Register of Representations

All digitization projects in the Czech Republic are currently under the responsibility of the newly established DIA. One of their pilot projects is, for example, the Register of Authorisations. In essence, it is a registry of digital powers of attorney that will facilitate the handling of various life situations purely digitally. The Ministries of Finance, Justice, Health, Social Affairs and Transport are to be involved in the project from the outset. The DIA's plan is for the registry to be operational by July 2024.

Client zone Jenda

Another digitization project that the DIA is helping with, this time to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, is the ability to submit applications for social benefits in the ministry's electronic system. Those interested in housing benefit, child benefit and parental allowance can now apply online via the so-called client zone Jenda.


From 20 January 2024, the eDoklady mobile application is available for download, in which the user can store a digital copy of the ID card. For those who have already installed the eDoklady app, they can use it to communicate with central administrative authorities, especially ministries. In the future, it is planned to add other documents to the application, e.g. driving license.

EU Digital Identity Wallet

As far as citizen identification is concerned, we will see a big change in 2026, when the so-called EU Digital Identity Wallet. The app is intended to make it easier for EU citizens to make online purchases, sign documents with a qualified electronic signature or manage and share personal documents such as driving licences or university diplomas.

Given the scale and impact of these innovations, it is crucial that organizations start proactively adapting their processes and technologies to be ready for the coming era of the digital economy.

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